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Supporting Children Battling Cancer
      Making a SMILE at a time! 

Campbell Fretz was diagnosed at age 12 of stage 3 germ cell ovarian cancer. On May 4, 2016 she had surgery to remove a 5 pound tumor bigger than a foot ball from her little body. Also her ovary, Fallopian tube, parts of her diaphragm, a spot on her kidney, her mesendary drape, 4 huge lymph nodes, and all the fluid in her abdomen were removed. All of these items were positive of malignant cancer. They put a port in the next day to start her on 3 very harsh chemo drugs that she gets every 3 weeks and has to be in the hospital for 6 days while the drugs are being administered. She has become very sick, nauseous, can't eat much, and is so weak she is mainly in a wheelchair. She just finished her 4th round and will have a scan on August 2 to see how the chemo is working and we will meet with the doctors on August 5 to discuss the next plan of action. We do know she will have to undergo another major surgery. Please pray for my precious daughter because she is a fighter And with God's help and all your support she is determined to beat this.