Amanda Riley Foundation

Supporting Children Battling Cancer

Making a SMILE at a time! 

Riley Warriors

When a child battling a solid tumor cancer is diagnosed at CHOA their social worker gives them an application to become a Riley Warrior. Once we receive the completed application we work directly with these families to lend a hand, listening ear or anything we can to make the cancer journey a little more tolerable. We hope to someday have the means to support kids diagnosed with all types of cancer here in the Atlanta area.  Below are some of the kids we have worked with over the years. 

Alaiyah S

Aliyah D

Austin A

Braden B

Bryce L

Cali W

Charlie G

Christian S

Cooper H

Daniel H

Dylan M

Gideon K

Gus C

Jade A

Jesus M

John Russell C

Kolby D

Maddie Y

Madison E

Mary Julia G

Matthew M

Mya F

Nathan J

Olivia P

Peyton G

Raven V

Rocio T

Savannah B

Will A

Anisha A


Arabella W

Avery B

Avery S

Brayden M

Brylie L

Cameron J

Christopher G

Christopher S

David S

Dilma H

Elliott S

Grace B

Grant G

Henry S

Ian V

Jayden J

Jephthah J

Kelcey T

Lupita F

Marvin L

Mary G

Muna A

Noah S

Quinton D

Robbie B

Rocco C

Selena A

Tripp L

Tydis B

Yaretzi G


Just wanted to Thank all of you for providing meals to us & the gift bags full of goodies & the snacks in the lounge. Connor was disgonsed this past May with Tcell leukemia & has had some ups & downs. Thanks for putting a smile on his face!! God Bless



 My daughter is eight and is being treated at Scottish Rite's Aflac Center where she received an Amanda Riley Foundation goody bag. She was so thrilled and all smiles!! She had fun with the goodies while she was in the hospital and couldn't wait to take her brothers and sister to Chik-Fil-A with the gift card when she was able to come home. Thank you for all the smiles you put on her face- both at the hospital and at the restaurant. I can't tell you how proud and happy she was treating her siblings to lunch and having a great time with them....................................................Amanda will always have a special spot in our hearts....Rena



 Our 4 yr old daughter, Adelai was just diagnosed with A.L.L. two weeks ago. I just wanted to thank your organization for the goodie bags and essential items you made available for our stay at Scottish Rite. It's the little things that make a huge difference in knowing that you aren't alone. Thanks again.