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Addyson's Story

Sweet little Addyson was not even a year old when she was diagnosed with Stage II Neuroblastoma. Her tumor is near her right ear had has spread to nearby lymph-nodes. She just finished her 3rd round of chemo.

Below is the background story in her mothers words:  

One weekend in June, Chris, Addyson and myself were enjoying a wonderful Saturday together. Addyson was playing in the floor when I noticed her right eye looked 'swollen'. I mentioned it to Chris and did not think anything else of it.

A few weeks passed and a friend pointed out to me that the same eye was not dialating. After much encouragement from family members, I called the pediatrician. That friday morning we made our way to Watkinsville. Our pediatrician did not seem too concerned, but sent her to see an ophthalmologist anyway.

August 18, 2011 she was diagnosed with Horner's Syndrome and referred to another ophthamologist at Scottish Rite. We met with the doctor and he requested a CT of her head, neck and chest. On September 1, 2011 we were informed that Addyson had a very large mass on her neck. Dr. Pollard told us that it was either enlarged lymph nodes or possibly a tumor. Although he was almost certian it just enlarged lymph nodes.

The next day him and ten other doctors had a meeting regarding Addyson's health. Two of the ten doctors needed to see her right away, the oncologist and the surgeon. I called and made appointments for the following week. Later that morning I received a call from the oncologist. She wanted to see Addyson right away. Of course, this scared me to death. So, I through myself together and we made our way to Atlanta.

We met with Dr. Wasiluski and she confirmed my worst fear. She believed very strongly that she had Neuroblastoma.She took blood and urine sample. All the blood work came back elevated, leading to Neuroblastoma.

This is the hardest thing Chris and I have ever been through. Cancer is the last thing in the world you are thinking about when you have a baby. We have both been trying to stay strong for the sake of our daughter. She is the happiest thing I've ever seen and during those moments when all I want to do is cry, I just grab my sweet baby and squeeze her little body. Just one little smile is all it takes for me to realize that crying is not an option.