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Braden's Story

Braden was diagnosed with Stage 4 High risk Neuroblastoma in April 2012 at 2 years old. He had a very large tumor wrapped around major organs including his kidneys and aorta. He underwent chemotherapy initially but he tumor was unchanged. We went to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC to have a very risky surgery to have his tumor removed ( this was our only option), but a scan revealed his tumor was maturing or turning benign on its own. He lived with his benign tumor for 3 years with routine follow up scans. In July of 2015, a routine scan revealed that his tumor had turned aggressive again and this time had characteristics of being very aggressive. Braden started a chemotherapy regimen, but again revealed no change ( his tumor was very stubborn and unique since day one). That October a Chemotherapy and Antibody combination had just come off trial and was available for Braden to receive. He endured this painful regimen for 5 days inpatient at Scottish Rite every 21 days for 10 months.  The combo was working and turning his tumor benign again but not smaller. We had to get the tumor out. He endured two surgeries at Scottish Rite but they were unsuccessful in removing the bulk of the tumor.  We returned to Memorial Sloan Kettering in August of 2016 to have the remaining tumor removed. All was removed with the exception of a small piece deep in his pelvis that the surgeon could not reach. Braden had 14 rounds of radiation in January. He was able to return to school and finish out his First Grade year! Braden continues to have routine scans and doctors are watching the spot in his pelvis very closely. Braden has been able to enjoy being a kid. This past Spring he played baseball for the first time and has enjoyed going to the beach this summer. He looks forward to attending school like a regular kid in August.