Amanda Riley Foundation

Supporting Children Battling Cancer
      Making a SMILE at a time! 

Brandon Lowe was a healthy 17 year old boy, full of laughter, playing sports, riding jet skis and racing his dirt bikes. He raced motocross for 13 years. His life suddenly changed on June 10, 2012.  Brandon broke his left arm while wrestling with his girlfriend. He was complaining with some aching about 4 weeks prior but it would just go away. He didn't want to go to the doctor. We was thinking maybe growth pains or just overactive using his arms so much with the sports he done. Not thinking the whole time he had a tumor in his bone. Trip to the emergency room, which they overlooked, and a follow-up with the pediatrician that sent us to a orthopedic sports doctor. With several x-rays they noticed a shadow on his left humours bone...99% certain of bone tumor. They sent us 3 days later to Scottish Rite & Emory hospital for further testing. After biopsy and all scans and tests he went thru for 3 weeks he was definitely diagnosed with  Osteogenic Sarcoma (rare bone cancer). He had a 2x4 tumor in his left arm and 5 micro size tumors in his lungs. We started chemo immediately on July 1st, 2012. 

I was an emotional wreck and I just wanted to just pick him up and just run away and not ever come back. I never thought I would be in this situation yet alone my son battling cancer.  Cancer does not discriminate. 

Thankfully, we had met a wonderful lady named Barbara Cox Riley at our stay at the hospital. We became close and she is very good to my son and my family. She made our stay at the hospital a pleasant one, serving all families on the Aflac floor lunches, dinner and surprising the children with gifts.  Seeing their face light up while undergoing chemo is priceless. We were very overwhelmed with what she and her organization has done to help so many families. Hearing of her child with cancer and the loss of her daughter was just heart wrenching to me. I didn't know what to expect with my son being diagnosed. We had many emotions going thru our minds, scared, mad, frightened, worried, crying, stress. My whole world just shattered beneath me.

He had his tumor removed in his left humorous bone and replaced with a prosthetic bone and he has had 4 lung surgeries. The tumors keep developing in his lungs and now he has another knot to appear again in his left arm where he has his prosthetic bone. He has been fighting cancer now for 15 months. Unfortunately, he has had 9 types of chemo that has not helped so wer were advised to go to MD Anderson in Houston Texas to continue treatment.

With all the travel, motel stay, medicine we were struggling to manage. As a mom, I traveled with my son to get his treatment while my husband stayed home to work and take care of things at home. Barbara and her organization helped my family a great deal. She gave me cash to travel, many gift cards for gas and food. Unable to afford my husband to visit us and our finances low, Barbara flew my husband from Georgia to Texas twice to visit us for 3-4 days each time. Without her help, I don't know what we would have done to make it for a couple of weeks. And for her to fly my husband 900 miles is just wonderful. She is just an absolute blessing. My family Thank You Barbara and for your Amanda Riley Foundation that you have created. Many prayers to you and ALL you have done for my family to make things easier. WE Love You and Your such a blessing to many families. I see their reactions on their faces at the hospital. GOD Bless You

Today, Brandon has graduated high school and has been accepted to college so he can follow his dream. He wants to be a pediatric oncology RN and do radiology. He's unable to attend college right now and it being put on hold while we are in Texas doing treatment..

He is still fighting cancer now for 15 months. He is scheduled for more chemo and surgeries. We pray each day for a cure and a miracle for Brandon. He is staying positive, praying and always keeps that perfect smile on his face even thru the pain he has daily.