Amanda Riley Foundation

Supporting Children Battling Cancer

Making a SMILE at a time! 

Direct Support of Children and Family Members

Newly Diagnosed Care Package

Every new family that we support receives a care package full of items that were essential for us when we were in the fight.  This care package includes a bag or now back pack, journal & pen, stress ball, Quease Ease for nausea, lip balm, coffee mug and an Amanda Panda for the sick child.  

Periodic Gifts Mailed to Kids

To life the spirits of kids while they are in the midst of their battle, we periodically

mail gifts to them.  Sometimes these gifts are toys, blankets, games etc but other times gift cards.  We also mail gift cards to their parents to help ease some of the financial burdens associated with having a child battle cancer. 

Provide Financial Assistance

Having a child battle cancer can cause a tremendous financial strain on the family. We work closely with our social worker and provide emergency financial assistance to families of children with cancer. 

$1000 Reasons to SMILE

We offer a special gift of $1000 Reasons to Smile to the kids we support.  We ask them what would they want if they had $1000 to spend.  Some choose parties such as Aliyah here, some shopping sprees, computers, gaming systems and others choose trips to make memories with their families. 

Holiday Support

At Christmastime we lend a helping hand to the families that we are working with by providing holiday gifts for all the children in the family.  We ask each child what their needs and wants are and then work with local merchants as they host angel trees full of wishes for these kids.  The parents then have the option of giving the gifts to them on Christmas morning or at whatever time they like.

Breakfast with Santa

We host an annual Breakfast with Santa and invite families that we are currently working with as well as families from the past to come together for a fun filled morning. We provide a delicious breakfast, arts & crafts, photo booth, games, music and of course a chance to visit with Santa. This is also the morning that we give all the families that we are supporting their gifts to take home for the children.