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      Making a SMILE at a time! 

Laura was the first patient that we helped and one that is very close to our heart.  She and Amanda had a lot in common, were about the same age and both loved to run. Laura ran for Etowah High School before being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. 

Laura's Story in her mothers words:

On September 11th, 2007, Laura (now 17) was diagnosed with a malignant bone tumor in her right femur. She was treated at Scottish Rite in Atlanta. Her treatments included multiple rounds of chemotherapy and at the end of November 2007; she had a limb saving reconstructive surgery on her leg. They removed half of the femur bone and replaced her knee. They performed several tests on her femur bone afterwards and confirmed that the chemo worked. As we were told, it's "very treatable but will be very, very hard on her". Even though each round of chemo was a struggle and it took lots of hard work on Laura?s part to rehab her leg, she pulled through and was able to get back to being a normal teenager. 

Almost one year to the day upon her diagnosis, Laura wrote this ?I remember? story about her cancer battle:

Hello everyone!!! Today is September 1st, exactly 10 days until the one year anniversary of my diagnoses. Wow. Praise God. So much has happened in the last year. My life and the lives of my friends and family have been changed forever.

I was inspired by Madison Winn to write an "I remember story": I remember one year ago, going to the doctor to get an x-ray of my knee because I would lay in bed at night crying because it was throbbing in pain.

  • I remember the doctor telling me, "You should get an MRI." and my dad looking at my worried face and saying in a joking way, "Don't worry, Laura, you don't have leg cancer." ha.
  • I remember sitting at Olive Garden with my parents stuffing my face with lobster ravioli after getting my bone scan because I wasn't able to eat all morning.
  • I remember my surgeon calling us and telling us my appointment was on September 11th, and
  • I remember the horrible feeling that gave me. I remember the looks on my parent?s faces when my doctor sat down and said, "Now I don't want to beat around the bush. I think you have a malignant bone tumor."
  • I remember getting measured for my crutches, and going immediately to the hospital to get blood work done for my biopsy on 9/14.
  • I remember my mom getting the call that they had checked my CT's and that there were no tumors in my lungs, and how we cried.
  • I remember seeing my oncologist for the first time, and all of the statistics he told us, and then the social worker walked in with a doll that showed me what a central line was and told me I would lose my hair. Then I cried.
  • I remember the drive home that day, driving through downtown and hearing church bells.
  • I remember getting my central line in. That night was my first chemo.
  • I remember I tried to crutch to the bathroom one time, but fainted instead, and I woke up to my whole family screaming at me to wake up.
  • I remember when my hair started to fall out, and when my mom shaved it.
  • I remember being in the hospital on Halloween, being disappointed I couldn't go trick or treating.
  • I remember my surgery, waking up at 4 am after spending the night in a hotel, on the 12th floor that looked out over the hospital where my life was about to be changed forever.
  • I remember my first PT, and the night we thought I had a brain tumor.
  • I remember going into the clinic for a blood check, and I had a temperature of 101.2, and I cried because I didn't want to be admitted into the hospital again.
  • I remember my last chemo, being ecstatic and scared all at the same time.
  • I remember the Celebration of Courage, walking around Centennial Park, celebrating my survival.
  • I remember my 90 day post-treatment scans being clear, declaring I am cancer FREE.
  • I just can't get over what I've been through. It seems impossible. God proved to me how much he loves me and how he has the ultimate plan for my life.
  • I want to thank all of you who have supported for me and prayed for me this year. I will be forever grateful.

It feels so good to say, "I am healthy."

1 year and 1 day after writing this ? THE CANCER WAS BACK!! This time it presented itself in the lungs. She had an operation to have the tumors removed on September 1, 2009. Follow-up scans came back clear and she was once again declared CANCER FREE!

Unfortunately once again, the joy was short lived.  In February 2010, just 5 months later they once again found tumors in her lungs that were cancer.  This time she would have to go through another 6 months of chemotherapy.

Her chemo treatments were extremely hard on Laura and at times almost unbearable. She did make it through and was declared CANCER FREE for the third time on July 17, 2010. In November Laura did have a kidney scare and was minutes away from going onto dialysis but was able to avoid that. 

Unfortunately Laura's cancer came back once again and this time she was not able to beat it with her earthly body. Today is is cancer free living with the angel in heaven.