Amanda Riley Foundation

Supporting Children Battling Cancer
      Making a SMILE at a time! 

In His Mothers Words:

My son Psalm was a 11 month old baby when we were informed that he had cancer. They discovered a tumor in his left kidney called Wilm?s tumor.  This type of cancer is usually found in kids at age two or three so it was just a blessing from God that the doctors found it so soon.  This news still made me feel like my heart was ripped out.

The next steps were surgery and chemo.  My son had his left kidney removed and now he is living with just one. My son now has to do chemo once a week for the next six months.  He is only one so the chemo medication is very light and doesn?t really bring him down unless he takes two medications in one chemo setting.  Despite this situation, my son still keeps a smile on his face and mine too.

My word of advice is to keep God first, because if it wasn?t for Him, I wouldn?t have my son or my joy. Psalm is my first and only child so that makes him even more special to me.  So I say to everyone reading my sons information ? stay strong and keep the faith. This experience will be a testimony for my family and yours if your child is battling this disease. Keep your head up and heart open. Pray and cherish every moment with your child.

Thank you Ms. Riley again for the box of goodies and for your foundation. You guys have touched me and my son in the storm we are battling. I hope this information on my son Psalm will help and touch lives of others.