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Sydney's Story


Sydney is an 11 year old girl that loves to dance and cheer but her normal life as a happy healthy young girl came to a screeching halt this past August when she was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer calling Ewing Sarcoma. Her tumor was found on the T-5 vertebrae on her spinal cord. Thankfully, the surgeons were able to biopsy the tumor and feel it is localized.

Sydney is currently in the midst of her battle, having chemo treatments that make her extremely sick 3 weeks out of 4. In addition to not feeling well, she is having a very difficult time dealing with the diagnosis and the interruption this has caused in her life. Some days she just wants to be alone and sleep per her grandma but on good days, she is still trying to go to school and keep up with her school work. 

Sydney?s mom shared a story with me that upsets me greatly that I would like to share with you all.  First of all she sells real estate but had to take a job in the school cafeteria to make ends meet and to carry the insurance for the family.    She contacted the American Cancer Society to see if they could help them out in anyway, maybe assist with gas cards or something since they live an hour away from the hospital and have to make many trips back and forth.  THEY TOLD HER NO!! Said the family makes too much money!! Of course upon hearing this, we sent her funds to help out with the day to day expenses of getting back and forth to the hospital.  Sydney's battle has just begun and we will continue to work closely with them and help ease some of the burdens caused by having a child with cancer.

I wanted to share with you the email I received from the family after Sydney received an I-Pad from us:

I wanted to let you know that Sydney received her iPad yesterday!  She was so excited - we had just returned home from the AFLAC center (treatment all week), so it was a great surprise for her.  Although she could hardly keep her eyes open, as she had been dosed with 2 different nausea meds, she managed to admire it and then immediately asked me to download all the apps and music from her iPod.  She took it to clinic today and stayed busy most of the morning organizing her apps.  I have told her that it is not just for playing and that tomorrow we will use it to finish her science research report!! 

A simple thank you doesn't express our gratitude for all you have done.  We appreciate you and the work of your foundation.  As I stated during our phone conversations, I look forward to the day Sydney is healed and we can help make a difference for another child and family.  Thank you for being an inspiration!


 Dyron, Tammy and Sydney

This is just one example of how our foundation is   bringing SMILES to Children Battling Cancer.