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Tyler S


In His Mothers Words:

In 2009 my son Tyler was 16 when he was diagnosed with stage IV Ewing's Sarcoma. He had been having knee pain for a few years and we thought it was from an old football injury. The pain would come and go then got worse. We went and visited 2 different orthopedic doctors who X-rayed and did MRIs of his back and knee. They felt he just needed physical therapy to build up his thigh muscles. He did physical therapy, we went to a chiropractor after little relief I finally went and got a 3rd opinion. I will say that I prayed this doctor would find out what was wrong with his knee. Well I got my prayers answered. We found out in about 5 minutes it was tumor on left femur. All he kept saying is that it was bad. The official diagnosis was Ewings Sarcoma. He then had total body scans and they found the cancer to be in his left Femur and 4 or small spots (the size of pencil erasers) on his lungs. We immediately started an aggressive treatment with at Egleston that was a National protocol for Ewings.  Treatment was to include chemo, surgery, and radiation.

By the end of 2009 Tyler had completed his chemo and radiation treatments and had knee manipulation surgery just before Christmas.  He was declared cancer free in January 2010 but had to continue treatments which included scar tissue removal on the knee and a partial hip replacement. All scans continued to come back clear until March 2011 when spots were found in his lungs. Yes, he had relapsed! He went through 4 more rounds of chemo and received a stem cell transplant this past July. He is now home recovering and awaiting scans.

In His Words:

Those were the facts, here is the reality:

While most of his friends were busy with high school events like prom, hanging out with friends, spring break, and planning for college, Tyler was enduring chemotherapy, radiation, mouth sores, and multiple limb salvage surgeries, not to mention drinking green smoothies with every possible vegetable I could put in them. He is now 18 and has started college and is still undergoing scans and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, because of his medical issues and our financial situation he still has to live at home and commute to a local community college. Although he hasn't complained, I know this is not the college path he had planned especially since he is still living at home. So much has been taken away from his youth and as a mother it truly breaks my heart. Tyler found out that with his limited mobility he could no longer play ball, or paint ball, ride four wheelers, or mountain bike. With one diagnosis all of that was taken away and we learned a lesson of a lifetime.... that life is not fair. Yet throughout his treatment he remains upbeat. He has spent hours on his pottery wheel and spent time playing his guitar and ukulele for the hospital staff and other children who are patients.

Today Tyler is still in the fight. Please pray for complete healing for him.