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Zachery's Story

Zackery is a 3 year old little guy with kidney cancer called Wilm?s. He was diagnosed in July 2011.  In September he had surgery to remove as much of the cancer as they could. They had hoped that the cancer was localized to the kidney but unfortunately, they saw that the cancer had spread.  He is currently undergoing chemo treatments and they will continue for the next 6-12 months. 

Zackery has a very difficult time handling the chemo treatments having bouts with extreme nausea and vomiting as well as fevers.  This is extra hard for his mom because he is so young and helpless.  In addition to having Zackery with cancer, this dear mom has to deal with his sisters that are 10 and 11 that don?t understand why mom and dad always have to be gone and they have to spend so much time with a sitter.

A letter we received from Zackery's Mom:

First I would like to say thanks to you and your staff for all that you have done for me and my family. We are so greatful for everything. It means so much to me to see how someone care about someone that they have never meet before. I dont even know how to repay you for what you have done for us. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!! Well now a lil about Zackery story.

One Friday we were sitting at home having fun Friday with the kids and Zackery nose started to bleed and wouldnt stop. Nose bleeds run in are family he gets them all the time but this one would not stop. So we took him into the hospital and the doctor check him from head to toe and then he went back to his belly and start rubbing all over his belly and ask for us to hold on please and he will be back and then he went and got another doctor and he check Zackery and ask us if he has been saying does his belly hurt. I was thinking to myself what does this have to do with his nose. By this time Zack nose had stop bleeding and no signs of bleed but what was on his shirt. Now the the doctors was not talking to us any more they were talking to each other. I was getting very upset because no one was saying anything to me. On top of that another doctor had walked in. So I ask what is going on with my baby. One doctor said we need you come back first thing in the morning just saying that we need to run some test saying that everything will be ok. checking his nose one last time and said we will see you in the morning. So we came back to the hospital and they had us go to the other side of the hospital and the place that we went to it was call " CANCER AND BLOOD DISORDER CENTER" me not thinking nothing about CANCER because we brought Zackery in for his nose. We were there for it seem like for ever and ever. We came back for to weeks just taking test. The last test the nurse said please follow me she took us back to a room where no one was and ask us to have a set. His father and I said we were ok what is going on she said the the doctor will be in. Zackery and his dad were just playing around like boys do. The doctor then came in and seen them playing and said to his dad dont hurt him in a joking kind of way. Zackery and his dad said we ok. The doctor said to me have a set. I said I'm ok what is going on with my son. He said you may wont to have a set Anthony yell out NO what is going on seeing me get upset. That is when he said Zackery has CANCER it is call WILIMS TUMOR. I went into a yelling mode holding my son. I thought I was going to lose my son he is only 3yrs old. We were very upset asking all kinds of questions trying to see how we can make it go away. Fast fowards a little the hospital were great they did rounds of  chemotherapy on Zackery to make the tumor smaller. That was very hard to see because he was always sick. It seem like we had moved to the hospital because his little body couldnt take the chemotherapy. The chemotherapy did make the tumor smaller and now he could have surgery. They had to go in and take his left kidney out and a lil of his right. Zackery is doing great now he is still having chemotherapy to make sure all of it is gone. He still get a little sick but not bad as it was when the tumor was in.